Manashasthra Integrated Mind Care was launched on 20th May 2013 by a young team.

Our programs support people to bring about positive changes in their lives in the areas of employment and education, finding and keeping a home, improving physical and mental wellbeing, and strengthening relationships with friends, family and the community.

People with mental illness will be afforded the same regard as those with physical illness and resources will be available to offer early interventions and state of the art treatment and support. These interventions will be so effective that long-term negative consequences of mental illness will have disappeared for the person and their family.


Manashasthra is dedicated for excellence in mental health care services in a holistic way for meeting the expectation of people.


Manashasthra strives to be a leader in the delivery of mental health care services, creating awareness in order to avoid taboos and also to encourage qualitative and right based treatment for the wellbeing of the clients.