De-Addiction Services

The De-addiction Center of Manashasthra Integrated Mind Care was established with the aim of providing quality treatment to individuals abusing alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. At Manashasthra De-addiction Centre, the drug dependent persons are given therapeutic treatment and care. In addition, there is also provision for the treatment of those with special needs such as women drug users, adolescent drug users, drug users with dual diagnosis (drug or alcohol dependency with psychiatric illnesses). Similarly, patient of any age group, male or female suffering from any Psychiatric or Psychological problem is given full treatment with special care. Advanced therapies available for treatment like Hypnotherapy (Chemical and Psychological), Psychotherapies, Behavioral therapy, Relaxation exercises, Music Therapy, Yoga & Naturopathy. The overall treatment and care of the patients is taken by Psychiatrist, Psychologists, Counselors and Psychiatric Social Workers. The hospital is adequately staffed with the round the clock availability of doctors, nurses as well as paramedical staff.

Our De-addiction Team

  • • Psychiatrist
  • • General Physician
  • • Psychiatric Social Workers
  • • Psychologists
  • • Psychiatric Nurses
  • • Health Care Workers

Social Rehablitation

The activities of Manashasthra De-addiction Centre under social economic rehabilitation programs are tested and methodically designed to improve the communication, attention, concentration, reaction time, attitudes and behavioral practices for his efficiency in the society. In our Social Rehabilitation Schedule, not only involves the patients into Group / Individual Therapy Techniques, but also Role-Modeling, Debates, Art, Music-therapy, Problem Solving Sessions, Games and Techniques to Improve Attention and Communication Skills. Manashasthra De-addiction Centre cares to provide a very empathetic atmosphere during this time. Social Rehabilitation at our De-addiction Centre is directed to restore confidence into the drug addict/mentally sick individual and motivate him with proper Social Skills and Communication Skills.

Specific Addictions

  • • Drug Abuse
  • • Alcohol Abuse
  • • Cocaine Addiction
  • • Behavioral Addictions
  • • Smoking Cessation
  • • Heroin Addiction
  • • Prescription Drug Abuse
  • • Unusual Addictions

We at Manashasthra De-addiction Centre are encouraged by the cooperation received from guardians. We proudly, ascertain almost complete recovery of our patients. We encourage rehabilitation of our patients in family, work and society. This has largely contributed to the patient’s complete recovery and zeal in their life to live. The management of drug dependence and Mental illness requires a multi model approach. Besides medical model other psycho-social therapies are very useful along with pharmacotherapy. At Manashasthra Emphasis is paid on both Social and Economic Rehabilitation.

The methods followed are:

  • • Group Therapy
  • • Relaxation Therapy
  • • Improvement of Communication Skills
  • • Group Games
  • • Debate
  • • Extempore Speech
  • • Encouraging Literary Works
  • • Occasional Long-Distance / Short Trips
  • • Sessions to Improve Attentiveness
  • • Regular Physical Exercise
  • • Daily News Recollection
  • • Hobby Development

In addition, the De-addiction Center has been involved in conducting research in various issues, Seminars and Work shops pertaining to substance use and its treatment.